The art of dry stone walling becomes UNESCO heritage

On 28 November 2018 Italy and Puglia with its countless dry stone walls have won a prestigious worldwide recognition. Unesco in fact, has entered, "THE ART OF DRY WALLS" in the list of intangible elements declared heritage of humanity. This "art" represents one of the first examples of human manufacturing both for residential purposes like the Trulli and for purposes related to agriculture and in particular to the terracing necessary for crops in the steep area. This particular technique, present in the south of Italy, concerns stone building by massing stones on top of each other without the use of glues and in perfect harmony with the environment. Examples of dry stone walls are present in the Valle d'Itria, an area that includes the city of Ostuni, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Alberobello.


Puglia is an italian region full of art, history and culture. Home to a warming sun, beautiful sea and nature, our region is the heart of Mediterranean sea. The centuries of history and the views are only some of the features which will make your new home or a terrific and unforgettable holiday trip.

Apulian magical atmosphere is due to the traditional and religious folklore which has been kept alive for centuries. Saints devotion and patronal festivals are the core of Puglia so that you will be able to experience quintessential dances, music, colours and lights. Puglia is also one of the greatest region in italy if you want to experience the cooking a savoir-faire.

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